I am calling on us all to use the buddy system again…


Good evening everyone! I cannot help but be struck by the number of people posting for suicide awareness and prevention on their timelines. We are in the midst of some difficult times for sure. We are all trying to find small ways to help and to reach those who are sinking in their own depths. Many of us, while drowning in depths of our own.

What do we do with all of this despair? Where do we put all of this pain? How do we extinguish this raging fire that is taking so much from us? Depression hurts. How many of you, diagnosed or undiagnosed, suffer from depression? How many of you don’t believe that depression is real? Depression is real and depression does hurt. For how many of us, is depression something we ever even talk about? I mean, really talk about…because when I hit my depths, I often cannot even speak. I find myself suspended in a lifeless and catatonic place that I cannot get out of and next to no one can get into. Depression hurts, doesn’t it?

Suicide is real and many of us know that first hand. Suicide hurts. Suicide, for all that we manage to salvage, leaves such horrific loss for those left behind.

Some people call suicide selfish and I cannot help but wonder why that is? Why would a plea so desperate and so final and so dramatic be lessened to a selfish decision, by an unknowing or a knowing all to well, individuals assessment? Calling someone selfish for killing themselves, while there may be truth in that from our perspective, seems like a man who terrorizes gay men because of his own unresolved feelings for men, and making absolutely no correlation between the two. We drive our own hate. We are raging down the road in our own fear, obliterating anyone in our way who doesn’t fit into our idea of how we think they should be. Why is that? Why do we feel it appropriate to judge others? Why do we also feel comfortable to be in the juror seat? We weren’t all born prosecutors, were we? When did we decide who gets a fair trail and who doesn’t get a fucking trial at all?

Just because we don’t understand mental illness, does not mean that mental illness is not real. Just because we handle our shit and don’t actually kill ourselves, does not give us licesnse to persecute those who do, does it?

I want to raise awareness. I want to keep you here with us. I want you to stay a while because I love you and I value you. I pray for you and I love you with all of my heart, until you can love you.

A lot of people who suffer from depression are not going to be able to muster the strength to ask you for help. Help them anyway. If you can’t help them, at least don’t harm them with insensitive comments and ignorance. Don’t minimize their pain. Don’t dare them to do it. If you cannot help them, at least, for fucks sake, don’t harm them.

We must be the change. We must start to care about things that matter. We must learn to forgive. Forgiveness withheld is killing you, not the person you are withholding forgiveness from. Your inability to forgive and be forgiven…that is what keeps you here, and will not set you free. Forgiveness sets us free. Don’t we all want to be free? Don’t we all just want to set this shit down and stop dragging it along behind us? I know I am ready to set it down and to help you to set it down. I am asking you to help me to help him to set it down too and what about her?  We are walking each other home…let us not forget that. We are here for a reason, let us not doubt that. We are love. Let us always feel and know that. For those of you who don’t know that, I want you to know that I love you just the same. I really do. Take my hand, my weary soldier and I will hold you steady until you can walk alone again.  I’ve got you little buddy. I’ve got you!

I have added links below for the suicide prevention hotline and I ask you to share this far and wide. I ask you to remember a time in your life that was so bleak and so dark and that you feared you might not come out of it, and I ask you to throw a lifeline to someone else. We are all just walking each other home. Be kind and you will be right, every single time.

Let us all take each other’s hands and let us pray for peace and healing, for each other. Let us look each other in the eyes and love each other back to health and wellness. Take this moment now, with me, to flood our world with love and light, hope and peace. Depression is real. Suicide is final. Mental illness traps us inside and we can’t get out sometimes. In these times, be a good buddy. Remember the buddy system from elementary school? Always take a buddy. Be a good buddy.

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States.


The Lifeline is available for everyone, is free, and confidential. See below for additional crisis services and hotlines.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio

Options For Deaf + Hard of Hearing

Veterans Crisis Line

Disaster Distress Helpline

Text TalkWithUs to 66746

What Happens When I Call The Lifeline?

First, you’ll hear a message telling you that you’ve reached the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

We’ll play you a little hold music while we connect you.

A skilled, trained crisis worker who works at the Lifeline network crisis center closest to you will answer the phone.

This person will listen to you, understand how your problem is affecting you, provide support, and share any resources that may be helpful.

Remember, your call is confidential and free.

Call Lifeline

Should I Call The Lifeline?

No matter what problems you’re dealing with, whether or not you’re thinking about suicide, if you need someone to lean on for emotional support, call the Lifeline.

People call to talk about lots of things: substance abuse, economic worries, relationships, sexual identity, getting over abuse, depression, mental and physical illness, and loneliness, to name a few.

Talking with someone about your thoughts and feelings can save your life.

Get in touch

Call the Lifeline

Call the Lifeline Anytime, 24/7


Call The Veterans Crisis Line