Calling up some love and healing for Aiden…


Good morning everyone! I just left Aiden and I need you all to send him all of your love. Aiden is having some issues that are causing him some pain and discomfort. Aiden is in the very best of care. Aiden just asks for us to love him really hard today.

So, if you have a moment, please say a little prayer and send a lot of love to Aiden and his Mom.

We love you Aiden! We’ve got you!61FF31AB-A0FC-40A4-91E5-126E687E8FBB

Please send all of your love to Tiny Dancer…


Good evening everyone! I come this evening asking for love for a beautiful girl who is needing all of our love. Aiden called me this morning. When Aiden calls, I don’t question…I just show up, the best I can to answer the call, whatever it may be.

Her name is Tiny Dancer, and She needs all of our love. Details are not relevant right now…only that we love this girl, with all we’ve got through the night.

Aiden asks for your love and I post on his  behalf, as he does not have thumbs to type…Aiden says “Please love And dance Tiny Dancer back to life and health…like you loved me back home.”

So, if you could, do what you do to send our girl some love. Love is critical to her recovery and I know we can love her through this! Thank you each and every one!


I would love for you to be my next client!


Good evening everyone! I just wanted to stop in and say thank you and that I appreciate you so much! I really do. This webpage is a work in progress and I am learning, slowly, how to work on it myself. I am redefining my business and deciding what direction to take my work. I am looking to take on a few more clients, in a limited number of weekly slots. Maybe you are my next client? I would really love to hear how I can help you!

Many if you may remember Aiden, and Aiden says to tell you all hello and thank you for helping him to get back home to his family! Aiden is doing great and sends you all his love!

I love the work that I have done for the past several years! Being an LMT is an amazing gift! Using that gift to facilitate healing in those who need it most is priceless to me. Animal Commuication work is my greatest God-given gift, as I just have a knowing and an acceptance of that knowing. I have recently developed the confidence I need, as an Animal Communicator, to share my gifts, without worrying so much about what people may or may not think of me and what I have to offer. If you need me and I can help, We can set up an appointment. If I can’t help you, I will say so, and try to find you someone who can help. You may as well call me and ask, right?

My passion is in my energy work and in my ability to connect with those who others cannot hear or reach. My work is evolving daily, as I speak their messages and honor them in my willingness to share their messages. I am driven by the desire to be of service and I know I have a gift that many need and do not possess themselves. That is why I am here, to help you!

As an Animal Reiki Master, I have been practicing for many years, the art of trusting my instincts and intuition, to such a degree that I do not question anymore, my sacred and cherished gifts.

I became an Ordained Minister, to officiate my Mom’s funeral if need be. Thank God, I didn’t need to use my gifts that day, from the pulpit. I was able to honor my Mom, as her daughter and I was beyond grateful when someone else answered that call to officiate.

I have been in customer service, to some degree, my whole life. I love interacting with people and talking to people, and getting to really know and feel and love pepole. I also love my solitude and my space and my quiet, in the times in between, so that I can hear and meditate and pray and absorb as much musical medicine as possible.

All of these are tools in my tool box and I want to continue to master my crafts. I also want to add something more, something needed and valued and me. Like me, more than I am right now…

I came here this evening, to ask you all of there is something that you need from me, something you see in me or something you get from me, that you think will make me better? I want to be better. Actually, I want to be the best, at what I do. I need you to tell me how I can help you? I just thought I would put it out there, for those of you who need something you’ve not found. Maybe I can help somehow? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss what I can do for you. Are you having issues with your animals and you cannot hear them? I can help. Do you need end of life/quality of life care for your animal? That is my specialty. Do you need some loving care to help you to help your companion? Please reach out if you need someone who can help you to hear and honor the needs of those who cannot tell you themselves. I also work on a case by case basis on animals with special needs and vet referrals.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for taking the time to read my post this evening! Much love and good vibes headed your way! I look forward to hearing from you! Love, love, love…



Good morning everyone! Thank you all for your amazing love! Truly, I feel you loving me and I thank you so much! Tomorrow is the big day and I am so ready for some reprieve from all of this pain and discomfort. The anxiety and the anticipation of it all has me pretty wound up and agitated.

So many text messages and emails and comments…thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My life, so private for so long, now not so much. My secrets, no longer secrets. My life and my fears and me…all on display, for all of you, and so I thank you for treating me with kindness and in love and light. I love you all right back!

I have an appointment with my primary and as many appointments with my own clients as I can fit in today, before I have to take some time off to heal. I have not taken more than a day or two off since I went out on my own. I’ve no choice this time. I must take care of me, and so it is.

I have a million things to do and an early morning appointment with my doctor, and so I leave you with this today and send you all of my love:

If you were not afraid of what you might not do right, what do you imagine could not go wrong?

Our fear of fucking up, of being less than it not good enough is why we don’t reach our heights. Our fear stunts our reach, doesn’t it? We cannot embrace the sky while trying so desperately to keep our own fears under control. Letting go is the only way to truly hold on to anything. Giving something away is the only true way to keep it with you always. Our hearts, in cooperation with, not in competition with, our minds, have amazing potential to change our world. We have power, untapped and unrealized. We have endless and limitless potential. We are just walking each other home.

Have a beautiful day today and keep in mind that each of us are fighting silent inner battles that no one knows anything about, so be gentle with each other. Be kind. Always be kind and you will always be right. Go out there and let yourself love and be loved like a verb. If someone offers help, and you need a hand, take it. If someone sees beauty in you that you cannot fathom, say thank you. If someone wants to hug you…realize that they are asking for a hug themself. My days of free hugs at random locations, that started because I was dying inside. I needed to be re-kindled…I needed my spark to ignite. I feared touch. I needed to be know I was here, and hugging all of you, unmistakably allowed us all to feel each other. We are all just walking each other home. We have much to offer, if we always offer our true and authentic, unconditional and unedited selves.

Go out there today and do it…whatever “it” is. You’ve got it in you, or you wouldn’t have any awareness of it in the first place. I am because you are. Umbuntu.

I love you and I thank you for being here with me, walking next to me. Have a beautiful day and go out there and love someone like a verb today!




I come bearing wonderful news!!!! Aiden is reunited with his family!

After 12 days being away from his family and his medication and the proper food, Aiden came home this morning!

Aiden is part of a much larger story, which is not my story to tell. The police and the media are heavily involved and I don’t want to say anything that would hamper their investigation.

The important thing is that Aiden is with his Mom, getting all of the love and care he needs.

Aiden thanks each and every one of you, from the bottom of his little heart, for loving him home.

I also thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the love and the prayers….all of the shares and the support. Your love brought Aiden home! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We must never, ever lose hope. We must never doubt the power of love. We must realize that we really are here to walk each other home.

Aiden says thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Please help us to bring Aiden home!

4E74BFEB-FB90-4B21-AEFF-8B982A282E97Aiden has been missing since March 17th. We need to get Aiden home, as he is on a special diet and needs medication.

Aidens family is heartbroken, and so I ask you to please send them love. Please pray for the safe return of their beloved Aiden.

Morgan asked for Aidens picture and his story to be in her page and for all of you to share his story and his flyers.

We need hundreds of thousands more shares, PLEASE!


Pup stolen from car while parked at gym

Forming a search party today at 4:30 PM to search for Aiden.

We will be meeting at the strip mall parking lot next to Valero gas station at Edith and Montano.

Please join us if you can and help us bring Aiden home!

If you aren’t able to search, please send love and prayers for his safe and swift journey home.

Thank you!

Source: Pup stolen from car while parked at gym