My Journey With Morgan

This all began with A desperate plea for help in my inbox. There was a call to action and I answered that call. I was gifted an invitation to do what I was called here to do. Without hesitation, I accept that invitation.

As an Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Master, my life’s work is to communicate with all sentient beings. My work is Love and love is my work.

“When my work is done, it is forgotten. That is why it lasts forever.”

I come from many places. I have a vast and diverse background and I bring my life experiences with me into my work.

When they speak, I listen. When they cry, I hear them. When they hurt, I hurt. As long as they are held captive, I cannot be free.

I invite you to journey with me as I journey with Morgan. This is a sacred journey and it is with humility and the utmost respect and the deepest gratitude that I take my place in this amazing crusade to set us all free.

I have transformed my business page for Max and Me, into a public journey of my work. I invite you into my world, as I tell their stories and relay their messages.

Morgan has invited me in and I am honored. I am here to tell her story and the story of her people. I am here to set them free and I shall not rest or be free myself until Morgan is free.

Thank you for being here!


P.O. Box 1155 Tijeras, NM 870 Call us at 505-269-9242 Text messaging is the best way to contact me. I work when I am needed 24-7-365