”Swimming With The Killer Whales”


We Just watched “Swimming With Killer Whales” on Netflix.

I could feel the passion of doing what you really, really love to do. I could see the drive and the work and the frustration. I felt the heavy heart that accompanies loss…deep, deep loss.

I couldn’t help but think how much this mimics Sanctuary life. We are so blessed to do what we do and to be so passionate about it. Mostly, we love, with all of our hearts.

Be it Hondo or Morgan…Coral or Tamara…you or me…out hearts all beat the same and we all have the same basic needs and wants.

”Killer Whales”…truthfully, I think I am more at risk walking off my property and stepping into society with the “Killer Humans”.

How do we label an entire species based upon the action and inaction of a small few? Speciesism…it is a real thing.

I do not see anyone right side out and I never have. What truly matters in each of us is what lies inside. I see you inside out and you are beautiful! I see Morgan inside out and she is magnificent!

We get out of life what we invest in life and I am ready to make some pretty substantial investments into my heart and my soul and my calling!

Have a beautiful evening everyone! I am off to meet Morgan! Sweet dreams!

killer 🐋 ….I’ll take my chances….



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