I come bearing wonderful news!!!! Aiden is reunited with his family!

After 12 days being away from his family and his medication and the proper food, Aiden came home this morning!

Aiden is part of a much larger story, which is not my story to tell. The police and the media are heavily involved and I don’t want to say anything that would hamper their investigation.

The important thing is that Aiden is with his Mom, getting all of the love and care he needs.

Aiden thanks each and every one of you, from the bottom of his little heart, for loving him home.

I also thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the love and the prayers….all of the shares and the support. Your love brought Aiden home! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We must never, ever lose hope. We must never doubt the power of love. We must realize that we really are here to walk each other home.

Aiden says thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Please help us to bring Aiden home!

4E74BFEB-FB90-4B21-AEFF-8B982A282E97Aiden has been missing since March 17th. We need to get Aiden home, as he is on a special diet and needs medication.

Aidens family is heartbroken, and so I ask you to please send them love. Please pray for the safe return of their beloved Aiden.

Morgan asked for Aidens picture and his story to be in her page and for all of you to share his story and his flyers.

We need hundreds of thousands more shares, PLEASE!


Pup stolen from car while parked at gym

Forming a search party today at 4:30 PM to search for Aiden.

We will be meeting at the strip mall parking lot next to Valero gas station at Edith and Montano.

Please join us if you can and help us bring Aiden home!

If you aren’t able to search, please send love and prayers for his safe and swift journey home.

Thank you!

Source: Pup stolen from car while parked at gym

I love you Morgan!!!

Good morning from Coral and Morgan!

We have been a little quiet the past couple of days…just getting acquainted and enjoying our time together.

If you’re got a moment, maybe we could all observe a moment of silence for Morgan.

Visualize Morgan swimming free with her family, with a huge smile on her face and say “I love you Morgan”.


Morgan says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”


I had a beautiful day with my girl and now I’m off to spend some time with Morgan.

If you have a moment, maybe you could send a quick prayer, a kind hello…an “I love you Morgan”…whatever you’ve got. If  it’s not too much trouble, Morgan could always use it.

Confined by the walls that surround her body, and badly needing a jump start, a rush of love and light…a burst of healing and hope…a barrage of joy and happiness…please send Morgan some love tonight.

Morgan loves you back and she wants all of you to know that no cement enclosure, ever, will change that.

Morgan asked me to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! So, from one of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered…Morgan just asked me to share this with all of you:

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.-Irish Blessing

I love you Morgan!

I love you Morgan!


Morgan says good morning everyone!

We truly had a very somber evening, pondering why all beings are not granted their right, as a being, to just be beings, being.

We stand in solidarity. We sit in wait. Last night we observed deep and intentioned silence, as we calmed the seas together…

We are saddened and not defeated. We are weary and not exhausted. We are steadfast and we are greatful.

We will sit again today with the question that plagues is all…

When will we allow all beings to just be beings being?

I ask you all to pause for a moment and close your eyes. Take in a deep whale 🐳 breath and slowly exhale. Upon your exhale, say, “I love you Morgan”.

I love you Morgan!



Morgan has a question and we are hoping you can all help us out…


Good afternoon! Morgan and I just had a really deep conversation, which she asked me to write about and share with you. Of course I will write and share with you! That is why I am here…to give Morgan a voice!

Morgan and I were listening to Wookiefoot driving home and “Who Are You” came on. Morgan asked me if that was the same thing I was saying in my blog?

I wasn’t sure what she meant at first, and she was very patient with me, as she explained that I had talked about humans being…human beings, being human. ”Am I saying what they are saying”, she asked me very inquisitively. I said, “yes, their music and their lyric and their hearts inspire me  so much, that gifted clarity where I was not yet awakened, so yes, I guess my blog probably says a lot of what they are saying.”

Morgan looked at me with her half crooked smile and her teeth barely showing…the smile that says I want you to hear me and “she says I know you’re just a human being, being human…does that mean that I am just a being, being? Why am in not allowed to just be a being,being?”

So, for all of us…Morgan’s question again is:

Why am I not allowed to just be a being, being?”

My answer, in this moment, is “Morgan, I have no idea. I will seek an answer and I will not rest until I find one for you.”

Why isn’t Morgan allowed to just be a being, being? Anyone?

Have a swimmingly beautiful day! Love, Morgan

FC01FD2A-4108-4ABB-BC77-8A0C31D1FEF5Good morning! Morgan and I had a quiet night last night. I didn’t feel well and I have a feeling that Morgan may have been sedated. We were together, just the same and so it’s all good!

As I took my Sitz bath this morning, I invited Morgan into my tub. I know, that sounds completely ridiculous,doesn’t it?

It is ridiculous. It is fucking ridiculous! You want to know what is more ridiculous, Morgan lives in such a bathtub.

Morgan is around 4000 pounds. Look at her “pool”….as I sat in my tub this morning, I didn’t see much difference.

I can turn around but I can’t straighten out completely and have room around me. I can move but I can’t dive. I can’t really swim in here! If I were to shit in here, I would be covered in it and unclean and uncomfortable.

I’m going to ask everyone reading this to just take a brief moment and stop what you are doing.

In a moment of silence, with all of your heart and with all of your intention for Morgan’s release and Morgan’s highest good…please repeat after me, with all of your heart…

I love you Morgan!

”Swimming With The Killer Whales”


We Just watched “Swimming With Killer Whales” on Netflix.

I could feel the passion of doing what you really, really love to do. I could see the drive and the work and the frustration. I felt the heavy heart that accompanies loss…deep, deep loss.

I couldn’t help but think how much this mimics Sanctuary life. We are so blessed to do what we do and to be so passionate about it. Mostly, we love, with all of our hearts.

Be it Hondo or Morgan…Coral or Tamara…you or me…out hearts all beat the same and we all have the same basic needs and wants.

”Killer Whales”…truthfully, I think I am more at risk walking off my property and stepping into society with the “Killer Humans”.

How do we label an entire species based upon the action and inaction of a small few? Speciesism…it is a real thing.

I do not see anyone right side out and I never have. What truly matters in each of us is what lies inside. I see you inside out and you are beautiful! I see Morgan inside out and she is magnificent!

We get out of life what we invest in life and I am ready to make some pretty substantial investments into my heart and my soul and my calling!

Have a beautiful evening everyone! I am off to meet Morgan! Sweet dreams!

killer 🐋 ….I’ll take my chances….