Bringing you all some love from the other side today…love, love, love…

Good morning! I just want to send everyone some love today. I know some people are really struggling through loss and hurt right now…some really hard stuff…and so I just want to blanket the world with some love today.

Whatever you may be going through, try to remember that this too shall pass. Until it passes, know that you are stronger and more capable than you realize, to handle it.

I know some of you have recently lost your best friend and I feel you…I really do. I went fetal for days after losing Tombstone and I still cry when I go out to his place and he’s not there…a part of me went with him for sure…

I have lost some clients recently, from when I first began this work. I have come to know and love your babies too and I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to walk so closely with God’s most amazing creatures, every single day…and how much it means to me, when you contact me to come see them, after all of these years, before their journey takes them across the rainbow bridge.

This work surely does a number on my heart. Some days, the enormity of the loss literally drops me to my knees. I guess that is a good place for me to be when I say my prayers of thanksgiving for being so blessed, to do what I do, to hear what I hear and to see what I see and to know what I know..every single day.

I often get visits from the other side and they often want me to get with you, and I try my best to honor that. I really do.

You probably can’t imagine, unless you do this work too, what it is like to try to deliver these messages from the other side. People are usually very grateful and moved to tears…and so I can keep going…

Some of you that I have worked with through the years have mail. Messages come to me all of the time and I try to file them away, under your name, in case the time ever comes, that you want your mail from the other side. I always keep it stored safely away, just in case, you ever realize it’s there and want it.

What this looks like is animals I have worked closely with, coming back to find me, after they have crossed over, to give me a messages. A lot of the messages are for me and a lot of times, they come to me, to find you and deliver their message to you.

This is such a beautiful gift, that I cannot imagine what it would feel like, to have bestowed upon me…a message from Tombstone or my Mom, or Max or any countless other number of beautiful beings I have journeyed with…by a human counterpart…after they are gone…

As odd and out of place as I have felt doing this work, I will not stop because I am the voice for those who cannot speak…I am the strength for those who cannot convey their needs…and I am the hope for those who desperately need a message delivered, from the other side…

I woke up feeling all of you this morning and so I just want to assure you that your best friend loves and misses you too. You must know that…because the Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful sight this morning, with all of the new faces…all headed off to do more of Gods great work, looking and shining down on you…and me…

Peace be the journey for us all, as we navigate the hard stuff, hand and hand and heart to heart…

I hope that you feel the softest and coziest, warmest and safest…presence all around you…that you reach around yourself, and hug yourself back, for your best friend, who just reached down and hugged you…surrounded you and took you in their arms to tell you how much they love you and how grateful they are, to have walked right next to you, all of this way.

If you build it…they will come. If you believe…if you really believe…with all of your heart, you will feel it. If you invite them to visit you and if you prepare a space for them to come, and you believe that they will come, they will come…and they will visit you. It is up to you to be silent long enough, quiet long enough and open enough to receive their messages.

Our loved ones are simply gone from our sight…they are ever present, right beside us, if we slow down enough to spend some time with them…

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